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Surprise Box

RM200.00Regular PriceRM50.00Sale Price

Put-On Wonder

RM135.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price


RM69.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price

Cue Smooch-Gloss

RM70.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price

Twinkle Dust

RM125.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price


Out of Stock

Cue Smooch-Stick | Neutrals & Mauves

RM95.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price

Absolute Foaming Cleanser

RM125.00Regular PriceRM87.50Sale Price

Lavender Beauty Mist

Out of Stock

Antioxidant Booster Serum

RM195.00Regular PriceRM136.50Sale Price

Essential Buffing Grains

RM140.00Regular PriceRM98.00Sale Price

Luminous Beauty Essence

RM230.00Regular PriceRM161.00Sale Price

Beyond Coconut Oil

RM125.00Regular PriceRM87.50Sale Price

So Smooth

RM145.00Regular PriceRM101.50Sale Price

Ohh Blush!

RM90.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price


RM75.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price

Cue Smooch-Stick | Reds & Corals

RM95.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price

Cue Smooch-Stick | Pinks & Plums

RM95.00Regular PriceRM11.00Sale Price


RM95.00Regular PriceRM66.50Sale Price
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