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Luminous Beauty Essence

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Rich Mineral Moisture Gel

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Developed with deep cleansing formulation, this amazing product cleanses impurities from within the pores, removes excess sebum while nourishing skin with precious nutrients. Experience the immense toning and firming sensation after cleansing.

Absolute Foaming Cleanser

  • Absolute Foaming Cleanser   6.7 fl. oz. / 200ml


    This absolute foaming cleanser deeply cleanse and beautify skin while providing a unique sensorial experience. It penetrates deep into skin to remove all makeup residue, excess oil and dirt while leaving skin soft and bright. Powered by willow bark extract for its anti-inflammatory, soothing properties and ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores. It can also optimize cell turnover. This luxurious formula cleanser is also infused with licorice root extract which promote skin elasticity, skin lightening and fight skin-damaging free radicals.


    Made in USA


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